We can’t do what we do without Volunteers Like YOU

Meet Leonard! If you met Leonard, you would walk away feeling that you just met a really nice guy.  Like many people in Mt. Pleasant or the East Cooper, he isn’t a native but calls Mt. Pleasant his home now.  Leonard and his wife moved from West Virginia in 2004 on a work move and […]

Help ECFN by making a donation today!

Please consider making a donation today to the East Cooper Faith Network (ECFN) as we raise funds for our 2017 programs;  I-Beam and Fix It!  You can donate by clicking on the DONATE NOW button to the right or by sending a check to ECFN, PO Box 1071, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29465. By giving your […]

Childhood poverty: Nothing to be celebrated (Moultrie News)

Childhood poverty: Nothing to be celebrated Moultrie News, Friday, June 10, 2016 Last month our country celebrated Red Nose Day. To the best of my memory, this is the second year childhood poverty has had a day of national emphasis and recognition. Believe it or not, more children live in poverty today than before the […]

ECFN’s Summer Enrichment Camp Get’s Ready

The East Cooper Faith Networks Summer Enrichment Camp  will be starting its 2nd year this summer at the Miriam Brown Center, Mount Pleasant, SC. During the summer months, children are often on their own and experience what is sometimes called Summer Learning Loss.  Meaning, advances in reading and other subjects ‘back-slides’ and at the start […]

MPPC’s Wise Giving Campaign makes contribution to I-Beam at Jennie Moore Elementary School

WISE GIVING The Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church’s (MPPC) Wise Giving Campaign presented Karen Felder of Jennie Moore Elementary School  (JME) with a check for $1305.00 for the I-Beam program which is a lunch time literacy program.  An additional $1400 was earmarked for ECFN’s Summer Enrichment Program that helps reduce summer learning loss by offering low income children […]

East Cooper Agencies and Faith Working Together

NGO’s (Non-Government  Agencies) do a lot in the community to help fill in the gaps where those who need additional help can get it.  These NGO’s rely heavily on personal donations and volunteers to support but the faith community is one of the biggest areas of support.   East Cooper Community Outreach, East Cooper Meals on […]

ECFN’s Fix It! program gives a hand to make safe and healthy homes in the East Cooper

When George Roberts became the Director of East Cooper Meals on Wheels (ECMOW) in 2012, he began hearing from volunteer drivers about health, safety and security issues at some of the homes where meals were delivered.  Things like rotten porch floors, entrance doors that couldn’t be locked, homeowners in wheelchairs or on walkers without ramps […]

I-Beam is ready for another Great Year!

The East Cooper Faith Networks leading initiative;   I-Beam, is ready to start its 6th year serving children in select schools in the East cooper.  I-Beam is a lunchtime literacy and mentoring program that connects volunteer adult mentors with 2nd thru 5th grade students who scored below the 25th percentile on MAP (measures of academic progress) […]