When we work together for our community

We All Do More
And Do Better

Working together to impact our community.

East Cooper Faith Network (ECFN) is a collaborative network of faith and charitable organizations East of the Cooper. Our belief is that we can DO MORE and DO BETTER if we work in harmony to serve our collective community. Through collaborations we serve the community more comprehensively with coordinated resources and focused communication — all the while decreasing redundant efforts.

Our Mission is to serve the East Cooper community by connecting faith and charitable organizations with community needs.

We live in a community blessed with abundance; natural beauty, good schools, safe neighborhoods and first-class public amenities. But hidden from view or perhaps just unseen, are neighbors whose lives are not so blessed. For many, the struggle to make ends meet is all they have ever known. They grew up poor, live poor and are raising their kids in poverty.

Despite good intentions, many of the poorest continually fall behind, lacking the education and resources needed to get ahead. ECFN is committed to focusing its resources on helping these families see the possibility of a different future for themselves and their children…a future that allows them to reach their potential and participate fully in the abundance that our community has to offer.

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