Camp I-Beam completed its 3rd year this June serving children in the East Cooper by offering a ‘summer camp’ to keep their brains engaged to help lessen summer learning loss.

Up to 30 children from Miriam Brown, Remley’s Point, and Greenhill Community Centers met together at the Miriam Brown Center to learn, partake in activity, and have fun all the while keeping their brains ‘moving’.  Camp I-Beam started 3 years ago as a way to help children in communities where opportunities such as a ‘camp style’ atmosphere is not possible or affordable.  Camp Directors Helen Cooke (Christ our King) and Susie Goss (East Cooper Episcopal Church) developed a series of programming to keep the children focused on their activities and with the help of many volunteers, ensured that the children had focused adult attention.  Below is a sample of the programming these children were able to experience.

Engineering for Kids

This was a three day program that concentrated on Aerospace Engineering.  The program included fun lessons about the engineering design process by designing and building their own straw rockets, parachutes, and gliders.  While doing this, they learned the meaning of the terminology and the application of aerospace engineering.

One great game they played was a race using the two terms:  Potential and Kinetic.  They could run forward during the Kinetic period but had to stop and wait during the Potential energy period.  These kids know and understand those terms now!

– We may have a few future Boeing employees!

Natalie Daise, Gullah story teller

This is our second year with Natalie Daise.  In her three-day program, the children learn a lot about their African ancestors through stories, songs, and crafts.   Natalie is, by trade, a storyteller and when she tells a story, the room is absolutely quiet!

–  Every child gained some level of understanding of African culture and folklore.

Various programs

Cave Artists.  The campers learned about ancient cave artists, their purpose, the materials they used to draw, and how we discovered the paintings in France.  We set up “caves” in a darkened room, gave them flashlights, charcoal, and paper.  Snack time was S’mores and campfire songs.


Music.  The campers learned about Blues music.  Each child had to learn a basic set of blues chords on a guitar and write a short blues song using a formula.  Every child was able to learn the chords – they were also able to get in front of each other and perform their composition.

– The blues lesson brought out a lot of musical talent – and more interest in how music works.

 Challenge Island.  This was a three-day event that included making Harry Potter slime and performing a little wizardry.  The best event of the camp was watching the kids build marble runners using styrofoam-pipe insulation, paper towel rolls, and duct tape.  The kids broke into teams of 4 to 5 to create a runner that had to have certain components, with the marble landing in a cup at the end.  A real challenge that they rose to…

– This session with the marbles was a real lesson on not just the benefits of team work but also the idea of one team helping another reach their goal.



Camp I-Beam is part of the East Cooper Faith Network and cannot operate and thrive without the help of its many volunteers, support from the Town of Mount Pleasant Recreation Department and financial supporters such as St. Andrew’s Church and the members from Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church.  Also, many thanks to The Church of Life Park for providing yummy meals for the children during their camp!

Thank you to all those who made these weeks memorable for these children!

For more information on Camp I-Beam or the East Cooper Faith Network, please contact ECFN at 843-972-7566 or email