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Choices 101
Thursday, November 7th
Wando High School | Performing Arts Center

Choices 101 is a parent-driven educational initiative about preventing alcohol and substance abuse by our teenagers. The hope is that by providing these opportunities for both parents and students to learn more about this important topic, we can reduce teen substance abuse.

Parents and students are encouraged to attend the Choices 101 event and have the opportunity to listen to:

Scarlett Wilson and Scott Hayes will present timely and useful information on legal and medical issues associated with alcohol and substance abuse. In addition, Wando administrators will be in attendance. While there will be plenty of good information to listen to, there will also be time for discussion and questions from our audience.

It takes a community filled with understanding to shepherd our children through the middle and high school years. We encourage you to make time to attend as Dean Stevens, Channel 4 news anchor and Wando parent, leads us through Choices 101. It will be time well spent!

We look forward to seeing you!