Please consider making a donation today to the East Cooper Faith Network (ECFN) as we raise funds for our 2017 programs;  I-Beam and Fix It!  You can donate by clicking on the DONATE NOW button to the right or by sending a check to ECFN, PO Box 1071, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29465.

By giving your tax deductible contribution, you make an impact on our children who are in need of mentors and learning support all year round through I-Beam and I-Beam Camp.  Also, Fix It! makes life safe and access free by offering home repair and wheel chair access to needy homes so quality of life may be achieved.

PrintIn 2016, 280 at risk children were matched with over 300 mentors and volunteers and over 6700 hours were given to these children by reading and mentoring  through I-Beam and I-Beam Camp. 

Students love coming to the Miriam Brown Center to interact and learn with the volunteers and professional instructors.  “The biggest benefit these kids have is the one on one attention that they receive by the volunteers.”, I-Beam Camp Volunteer

“I love the program and my I-Beam students always look forward to seeing their mentors.  Thank you for this program.  It makes a huge difference to these students’ lives!”, I-Beam teacher 2015-2016   

Fix It! repaired over 15 homes and of these 7 new access ramps were built or repaired making life safer and healthier so people in need can live in a safe environment.  From the hospice worker caring after a Fix It! client retelling about the effect the ramp will have on their patient;  “After the ramp is built, I can do this and that….”   and then when he would talk about the ramp, he would light up.  The ramp gave him hope, it opened doors that were not shut for him.

ECFN has over 25 faith groups, 2 charitable organizations, and 5 government agencies that consistently support the network by giving contributions or volunteers > both are greatly needed and appreciated.  Please make a contribution to ECFN to help people in our neighborhood by making a donation, volunteering, or help spreading the word of our work.