An East Cooper Ecumenical Network Initiative

100% of I-Beam mentors ranked their overall interaction (fit, relationship, etc.) with their student as very positive or positive

98% of I-Beam mentors plan to mentor with I-Beam during the 2013-2014 school year

97% of I-Beam mentors feel that they made a difference in the life of their student

90% of I-Beam teachers have noticed an increase in self-esteem in participating students

82% of I-Beam teachers feel that I-Beam mentors and students have an effect on other students in the class

82% of I-Beam teachers have noticed a very positive or positive difference in classroom performance in participating students

79% of I-Beam teachers have noticed a difference in reading skills (comprehension, willingness to read aloud, fluency, etc.) in participating students

71% of I-Beam teachers have noticed an increased enthusiasm for learning in participating students

Highlighted Teacher Testimonials 

Thank you for your time and effort with my children. They do make gains in reading but for some it is a real self esteem booster. Some of them would not get that one on one anywhere else.

Our mentors are amazing! It is wonderful to see the bond they form with the students. My students were always eager to see their mentors.

Great program! My students looked forward to seeing their mentors every week. Thank you!

This is an amazing program for our second graders. The children that it touches may never read to a person at home but I-Beam allows them to have that special friend. The growth and confidence that I see with my students this year is wonderful! Please keep this going for our children…every bit of help makes a HUGE difference! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Highlighted Mentor Testimonials 

This is a very beneficial program for all involved.

Enjoying working with my student and being in the school atmosphere. Precious memories.

I found the experience to be extremely positive. There was definite improvement in my students reading and confidence. Also, the other adults involved were wonderful!

I loved working with my student as well as the other mentors from my church. There is a group of us – all first years – who really counted on each other throughout the year. Prior to the children arriving in the Media Center, we often compared notes and shared ideas about strategies we were using to engage our students. That camaraderie really added to my experience as an I-Beam Mentor.

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