I-Beam, the literacy arm of the East Cooper Faith Network has provided 2 lending libraries to the community for use.   These libraries are located near Friendship AME Church and the Greater Goodwill AME Church.

In their pursuit to understand more about their students and the community, I-Beam surveyed the children in their program and found that often many students did not have easy access to books or home libraries.  Understanding that the amount a child reads is in direct correlation to the student’s success in schools, I-Beam wanted to do something for the community to help with this problem.  A lending library allows the child to choose a book, take it home and keep or return for other children to ‘check out’.  The idea of recycling used newspaper dispensers was both functional and ecological.

These boxes were refurbished and the artwork provided by Rob and Lori Bellacicco of Christ Church and the boxes will be managed by Allison Rouse of Friendship AME and Sheila German of Goodwill  AME Church.  Everyone is committed to increasing our young students potential and having access to books is a good way to encourage the love of reading.

Lending Library at Friendship AME and Goodwill AME. (L) Allison Rouse of Friendship AME and Lori and Rob Bellacicco, of Christ Church (R) Robert German and Keith Gordon of Goodwill AME Church and Lori Bellacicco of Christ Church