IBeam check from MPPC to JME - Karen Sharon Scott 25 percent (2)


The Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church’s (MPPC) Wise Giving Campaign presented Karen Felder of Jennie Moore Elementary School  (JME) with a check for $1305.00 for the I-Beam program which is a lunch time literacy program.  An additional $1400 was earmarked for ECFN’s Summer Enrichment Program that helps reduce summer learning loss by offering low income children a ‘summer camp’.  Pictured from the left:  Karen Felder (Principal JME), Sharon Barnett (MPPC and I-Beam Committee Member), and Scott Wells (MPPC I-Beam Steering Committee Chair).

Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church (MPPC) has an annual ‘gift giving’ program called WISE GIVING between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It is designed so that members in and out of the church can selectively donate to various nonprofit groups.  It allows the gift giver to actively participate in the success of programs based on their interest or concern.   In this case, members chose to make a contribution to reading literacy and education of our children.

Here’s how MPPC’s WISE GIVING catalog  described:

We know that we have received the greatest gift in Christ, and we are called to share Christ’s love with others.  During the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, MPPC gives with generous hearts through the Wise Giving campaign.  Wise gifts help nourish, build, heal, educate, empower, and sustain individuals and communities through MPPC’s many local and global mission partners.


This is a great way to allow all people to give to a cause, be part of the solutions, make a difference, and be a part of god’s work in the world.  Thank you MPPC I-Beam Steering Committee and members of MPPC.