I-Beam is lucky to have so many good mentors who really care about making a positive impact in the children in our community.  People are driven by many reasons to give and giving of ones time to help a child succeed in education is one of the best gifts you can bestow on a young one.  Mentor Cherie Dumez (pronounced Sherry Domay) is one such individual and started with I-Beam in the fall of 2015.  She heard of I-Beam at the Mount Pleasant Rotary Club (lunch group) and was immediately interested in learning more about it.  But first, a little about Cherie.

She’s originally from Columbia, SC and went to Irmo High School as a teen.  She is a graduate from our own College of Charleston and currently has her own insurance agency; Cherie Dumez Agency.  She’s been in Mount Pleasant since 1992 so is nearly a native and attends the Church of Life Park.   Cherie feels that more time needs to be given to children.  She said “I haven’t had the opportunity to work with children before but didn’t feel that children get that individual attention that is so important”.  She enjoys working with I-Beam and the children and likes to interact with the teachers to learn more about the education process.

Her student is 8 years old and goes to Mamie P. Whitesides Elementary School.  When she arrives to mentor, her students eyes light up when they meet.  Cherie says she is a good ready and is very enthusiastic.  Often, they will get more involved in the book and discuss it as well as review punctuation.  One of her student’s favorite things to do is pick out her own book to read.  She loves to read and would rather read than be read to.  Her favorite subject right now to read is snakes.  She particularly likes to sound out the Latin names of each; she thinks they’re funny sounding.

After reading for about 20 minutes, they go to the cafeteria and hang out with ‘the girls’.  There, they talk of fashion, food, and books.  Cherie really enjoys this part as it gives her an opportunity to connect with her student and her friends.  Cherie looks forward to mentoring through the 5th grade and hopes to continue their mentoring relationship.