Meet Leonard!

If you met Leonard, you would walk away feeling that you just met a really nice guy.  Like many people in Mt. Pleasant or the East Cooper, he isn’t a native but calls Mt. Pleasant his home now.  Leonard and his wife moved from West Virginia in 2004 on a work move and have enjoyed living here and working for Ingevity ever since.

Leonard and his wife are charter members of the Palmetto Presbyterian Church (at Carolina Park), and he has been active there for many years.  Since their children are now grown, being active in supporting the community and his church came natural.  From being on the church session, to missions and ushering, you can say serving is in his blood.   Shortly after Fix It! was founded, he heard of the mission that Fix It! was on and thought his talents could be used there.  An engineer by trade, this made for a good fit as many of the projects need that sort of vision in either design or execution.

Leonard felt that access ramps would be a great way to give back to his community as ramps so often are life changing (see page 4 article ‘Access gives a Lift’).    He and his team from Palmetto Presbyterian became a ‘go to’ squad when a ramp needed building and you could say they have mastered the art of giving access to those in need.  Ramps gives so much more than access; it gives those who need it a better way of life!

Thank you to Leonard, his team and all the Fix It! members who are making a positive impact in the lives of people here in the East Cooper!