If you have read the Moultrie News or the Post and Courier recently, you are well aware the housing challenges many with fixed or low income have here in the East Cooper.  Just the other week, the Moultrie News wrote an article titled “Affordable Housing – Why there isn’t any” which gave a progress report on where we are and the future.

But if you are a resident in the East Cooper, have low and or fixed income, and have a home that is in great need of repair, there are few options and moving (considering the expense to move) usually isn’t one of them.  So what is a resident who is unable to pay for, or unable to repair themselves to do?  Most rely on family members as this is their first line of support.  But when many have already moved away to less expensive areas, these residents do not have that support network to fall upon when there is a roof leak, kitchen or bath repair, or other necessity such as an access ramp needs to be built or repaired.

The great thing about living in the East Cooper, is the generosity of the many people and organizations that live here.  We have houses of worship, charitable organizations and other non-government agencies that are able to help ‘fill in the gap’ when a resident is in need of support.   The East Cooper Faith Network’s Fix It! program pulls many of these groups together to help ensure the needs of the challenged can be met so that all who live her, do so in a safe and healthy environment

Ms. Shirley (pictured) lives in Mt. Pleasant with 2 children and with winter here, her HVAC system down, not having the funds needed for a repair, she knew she needed some help.   Ms. Shirley was referred to the Fix It! program by ECCO (East Cooper Community Outreach) as she was on disability and needed some help.  Through the support of Fix It!’s volunteers and donors, Fix It! was able to provide a new system to ensure a safe and warm winter for her and her family.  This is just one example of what Fix It! does.

The East Cooper Faith Network’s Fix It! Program has been working to be a part of the solution for east cooper families in need since it was founded in 2012 when Meals on Wheels drivers saw the need for home repairs from those that cannot do the repairs themselves and/or cannot afford to have them done for them.  Fix It! caters to our community with its mission to provide home repair and access ramps to those in need to ensure safe and healthy living environments.  In doing so, it allows these people the opportunity to stay where they are, with their friends and community rather than having to seek housing in other areas in the tri-county area.

Fix It! is not alone in this endeavor.  It partners with ECCO, East Cooper Meals on Wheels and East Cooper Habitat for Humanity to network for solutions and to learn of community members in need and partners with many local faith groups and charitable organizations for volunteers and financial support.   We are all working together to make a positive impact on our community.

To learn more, email at or phone at 843-972-7566